environmentally safe metalworking fluids and compounds


Water-based, Biodegradable Compound: Draw G-57

Draw G-57 is designed for metal forming tasks that are both environmentally conscious and operationally difficult. It is a water-soluble and biodegradable compound that handles many drawing and stamping jobs - and performs especially well on blank holder operations.  It's an exceptionally clean lubricant that contains no oil, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorous or silicone. It can be easily removed from drawn parts and will not mar or stain the work.

Available in 55 gal. drums.


Metal Spinning Compound: G-10 Spinning Compound

When looking for a solid compound for lubricating within a spinning operation, G-10 is hands-down your product of choice. A solid, soap-based compound for extreme manual forming operations, G-10 excels when working with tough metals such as stainless steel, and minimizes scrap by avoiding galling.

Available in 5 lb. slabs.

Metal Spinning Paste: G-7 Spinning Paste

A water-soluble paste that was originally formulated for roller spin tooling applications, this product is now used for numerous spinning applications and on many metals, including stainless steel. G-7 has shown better load-carrying capabilities than greases that are normally associated with extreme pressure requirements. G-7 is a soap-based paste that will handle your spinning application, without creating unfavourable residues associated with oil-based products.

Available in 5 gal. pails and 55 gal. drums.
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