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Can-Securing Lid Clips


Anchor manufactures three different types of clips made to secure can lids for shipping and mailing. Our lid clips provide maximum fastening for plastic and metal cans (including paint cans) and are government approved and accepted by all major shipping companies.

F.O.B. our facility in Westlake, OH 44145.

8 clips for gallons
6 clips for quarts
4 clips for pints

EASY APPLICATION: The superior holding power and simple application of this clip is due to the self-starting spring grips. Only thumb pressure is needed to snap a FAS-CLIP into position.

ECONOMICAL: For more than 20 years, the Friction Clip has been the most popular clip sold for securing lids and meeting any carrier's requirements. This clip can be applied using your thumb with some force, or light pressure with a tool.

FOR PLASTIC: We're excited to offer this new option- lid clips that are ideal for securing plastic cans. Like the FAS-Clip, only thumb pressure is needed to snap it into position.

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