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With new ownership, have any of Anchor Lubricants’ (formerly Anchor Chemical) products changed?

No. Anchor Lubricants’ staff has worked and will continue to work closely with Anchor Chemical staff to provide a seamless transition, with absolutely no alterations to the formulas.

No. G-771 was originally part of the Anchorlube product name. As it has been a source of confusion for our customers, G-771 has been dropped from the product name. Each container size has its own part number.

The guaranteed shelf life is 3 years. Store at room temperature.

Anchorlube is EPA, ROHS, and REACH compliant, containing no hazardous or toxic ingredients.

Anchorlube can be diluted up to a 1|1 ratio as needed depending on the use.
Anchorlube is normally a smooth, green semi-paste. Consistency may vary slightly with temperature. The melting point is between 75 deg. F & 80 deg. F. Summer temperatures may reduce its viscosity, while winter temperatures may thicken it slightly. Neither condition alters its performance. Do not freeze.

One to two days. Bulk orders normally ship within 5 days.

As it is water-based, Anchorlube cleans easily with soapy water.

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