G-10 Spinning Compound

Customer Reviews

When looking for a solid compound for lubricating within a spinning operation, G-10 is hands-down your product of choice. A solid, soap-based compound for extreme manual forming operations, G-10 excels when working with tough metals such as stainless steel, and minimizes scrap by avoiding galling.

25 Pound Box


Unparalleled Lubrication and Protection

With its solid, soap-based formula, G-10 provides lubrication and protection like no other product during the spinning process. Its unique properties ensure smooth and efficient metalwork, allowing for precise shaping and forming. Whether you're working with steel, aluminum, or any other challenging metal, G-10 is the product of choice that will deliver outstanding results every time. G-10 is sold in 25 lbs. boxes, with 10 bars per box.