Mandrel Winding Lube

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Currently in use in plants of many major core and tube manufacturers, Mandrel Winding Lube is the ultimate solution for achieving top performance in the industry. This revolutionary product has surpassed all others on the market today, providing unmatched results and efficiency.

50 Pound Box


Elevate Production Processes to a New Level of Excellence

With its advanced formula and cutting-edge technology, Mandrel Winding Lube ensures smooth and precise winding operations, minimizing friction and maximizing productivity.

This mixture of the finest vegetable oils, animal fats and paraffin has greater lubricity than any of the competitive products. Because of its greater lubricity, Mandrel Winding Lube lasts much longer and less tension is required on the paper being wound. Each uniform block can easily be cut to fit any sized trough or accommodate the winding of any size paper. This product is non-hazardous and environmentally safe.

Mandrel Winding Lube is sold in 50 lbs. Boxes. Each piece is 10 lbs. each and measures 17" x 12" x 1.5".