Paint Can Clips

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We sell three different types of paint can clips made to properly secure lids for shipping. Our lid clips provide maximum fastening for both plastic and metal cans and are government approved and accepted by all major shipping companies.

G-12 Gallon Friction Clips
PKC-63 Plastic Can Clips
Q-6 Quart Friction Clips


Friction Clips

Friction Clips

The most popular clip sold for securing lids and meeting any carrier's requirements. This clip can be applied using your thumb with some force, or light pressure with a tool.

Clips for Plastic Cans

Plastic Clips

These lid clips are ideal for securing plastic cans for shipping. Just like the friction clips, only thumb pressure is needed to snap it into position.

Clips Per Can Recommendation:

8 clips for gallons
6 clips for quarts
4 clips for pints